Sigur Ros: Heima

Sigur Ros: Heima.

Piękna muzyka, piękne zdjęcia: film Heima zrobiony przez Sigur Ros. Środa 5 marca, Filmhouse, Edynburg. Jak mnie nie wypuszczą wcześniej z pracy to pozostanie obejrzeć na wydanym niedawno DVD. Zobacz trailer.

Shot using a largely Icelandic crew (to minimise Eurovision-style scenic-wonder overload), ‘Heima’ – which means both “at home” and “homeland” – is an attempt to make a film every bit as big, beautiful and unfettered as a Sigur Rós album. As such it was always going to be something of a grand folie, but one, which taking in no fewer than 15 locations around Iceland (including the country’s largest ever concert at the band’s Reykjavik homecoming), is never less than epic in its ambition.

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